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Phone call of the dead


Imagine that one day your phone will ring and the person behind the line will be a ghost. You are definitely laughing now because it is unbelievable. But you have to believe this has happened many times; we will give a few examples in this post

Imagine that one day your phone will ring and the person behind the line will be a ghost. You're definitely laughing now because it's unbelievable. But you have to believe this has happened many times; we will give a few examples in this post There are people in the world who have claimed that their relatives have just died and that they have claimed that these deceased have had a phone conversation with them and even warned them about future events. These people say that strange and unknown voices were calling and talking to them, and even the number they were calling was very strange; all of them were zero! Some have even claimed to have received a voice message from the deceased. Even the notion that the ghost phone number is zero was raised here. Some believe that the zero number feature is not just limited to making phone calls, and even ghosts sometimes send voice messages with this number!

Michelle, one of those who claims to ghost have been contacted with her. she has released photos in which she received calls from a zero number. She says: "One day after my daughters funeral, she called from zero. "I was very scared," she says. My other cousin answered the phone, after a whistle, one person said hello twice and then the call went off. When I searched, I found out that this number belonged to ghosts.

The phones that are said to be taken from ghosts all have a certain characteristic, the sound is meaningless, as the words and sentences are not meaningful and after the person who has been contacted questions He asks, the call will be cut. According to witnesses, the sound of ghosts sounds like the voice of the deceased in the last days of his life.   The weird thing about some of these calls is that it looks like another person, similar to the operator, has transferred the call.

In 1969 a musician claimed that his grandmother had called him. Of course, no one took her words very seriously, especially when it became clear that her grandmother had died just two days earlier. In 1977, a young girl from Cheshire, England, claimed to have received a phone call a few days after her cousin's death. Still, only a few days had passed since her cousin's death, and the sound on the other side of the line wasn't clear enough for anyone to cite.

But these calls have not always been just a simple call; some people who claim to have a phone call with the deceased claim that these calls are ultimately good for them because of the calls has helped them to get rich. On September 2018, the BBC released news of a true story: Alison Randall's daughter, Jenny, died nine years ago when she was 25 years old. A week after he was buried near his home in Durham, England, Alison, who was sad and depressed, rang his daughter Jenny's cellphone. Of course, Jenny didn't answer, but Alison heard a voice message from her daughter. Then she sent a voice message to her daughter: "Where are you? Where have you gone?" "what are you doing?" Allison couldn't believe that her beautiful daughter was gone. She would call or text her daughter every day for 2 years. And received a voice message. You can read the full story on the BBC (link is in the Resources section)

An English man claimed to speak with a ghost on the phone a few years ago. In 2008, he announced that he had been able to communicate with his wife's soul using a mobile phone. The bizarre claims came as his wife died of a heart attack three months before the claim was made. Frank said that there had been several unanswered calls without his cellphone ringing. These calls were taken from their previous home. After realizing this, Frank goes back to the old house and claims that he smells of his wife's fragrance in the house.

Now let's be honest, have the ghosts ever contacted you ?! If they have contacted, let us know.

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