The Lost Civilization of Man

Untersberg most mysterious mountain, from slowing time to seeing dwarfs


There is a mountain between Germany and Austria which, has long been known for its ghosts, strange beasts, lost civilizations and creatures like a dwarf. In this post we will explore this mountain.

In August 1987, three people enter a mountain in southern Germany called Untersberg to discover a cave.   But they did not return. Local police and climbers tried to find them. But they found nothing, except a car parked in a parking lot near the mountain. Three months later, they contacted their relatives from a ship in the Red Sea. They claimed that they had no idea, how they were on the ship, or whether they had been missing for three months, or what had happened to them in the cave. After arriving in Alexandria, they went to the consulate and returned home.

In 1992, Dalai Lama traveled to Austria, and with no pre-approved plan decided to visit the mountain.   Upon returning from the mountain, he named the mountain the sleeping dragon and the heart chakra of this world. But he was not the first world famous person to know about this mountain.

Hitler had a spiritual relationship with this mountain. And in the hope of achieving supernatural beings, and becoming war power, he built a house on top of the mountain on the border with Austria (called Berghof), from where he could watch the Untersberg mountain all day long.   He believed in this mountain and what was inside the mountain. He believed that the mountain had powers that would help him defeat his enemies. In fact, the mountain has long been known for its ghosts, strange beasts, lost civilizations and creatures like a dwarf.    These events - as well as reports of people lost in time - and the passages that Hitler called the inner land - drew Hitler s attention to this mountain.

Historians see Frederick Barbarossa as the greatest emperor of the medieval period in the Roman Empire. He created the qualities, that made him look almost superhuman to his contemporaries, longevity, ambition, extraordinary skills, his ingenuity on the battlefield, and his political vision. But you would be surprised if you know that, Untersberg was the resting place of this great emperor, between 1122 and 1190. During an excavation in August 2008, a number of geologists entered the cave. The geologists had descended to a depth of 1056 meters inside the cave. Documents from the excavations indicate that they discovered narrow passages as well as a lake at a depth of 930 meters!. Like the Bermuda Triangle, hundreds have disappeared in the area, and never to be seen again.   But the difference between this place and the Bermuda Triangle is that, some of them have appeared on Earth or elsewhere, Seem to have made a leap in time, place, or both. The missing hade became so common, that German and Austrian newspapers regularly published stories about, what had happened. There are many old stories and reports of this mountain. According to a report, dwarfs came out of the cave. there is also another report of these dwarfs that flying through the sky with a flying object.

There are books of 18th century German mythology, that have been summarised by various authors!. These books describe the appearance of these dwarfs. It is stated that, Untersbergermandl is a magical dwarf.  He is usually good-natured and kind to people. He has a big head on his body. Grey eyes and wrinkled face. Many climbers have reported that they have lost consciousness, and found themselves in an unfamiliar part of the mountain when they woke up, and that it had been several hours.   In some of these reports, the person has inexplicably traveled miles in just minutes.

Such incidents have given rise to speculation that the mountain is insisting on a time warp, or that these people are victims of alien abduction.

One of the strangest stories about the temporal anomalies in Untersberg is, by an Austrian writer calling himself Stan Wolf. In the second volume of the book, Stone of Power - titled Corridors of Time he published in November, he said that he had gone to the mountain with a friend and was actively searching for time slip,  They actually found places where their clocks changed a few seconds or minutes slower. After further exploring the area, Greg says they encountered a group of men, who lived in the cave, and they claiming to be SS soldiers from World War II. They were still young and commanded by the infamous SS General Hans Kammler.  Strangely enough, the soldiers did not really know that many years had passed. The wolf then discovers that, the cave in which they were hiding is exposed to a large temporary anomaly, which was much slower than usual.

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Another one of the strangest cases of missing people in Untersberg, relates to a hunter named Michael Hallzugger, who disappeared in twilight in 1738 in the mountains. Exactly one year later, the missing man was found in a wandering state.   He apparently refused to tell anyone what had happened to him, until he finally agreed to tell Archbishop Firman Salzburg only. The bishop reportedly was so upset to hear that he resigned and he never spoke

As you have read, geologists are incapable of reaching the bottom of this cave, and yet this beautiful mountain with its cave collection is among the most mysterious and unknown places in the world. Could this cave have anything to do with underground civilisation?

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