The Lost Civilization of Man

Golestan Palace; A 400 Yearsian Journey in Time


The Golestan Palace's decoration and architecture is so spectacular and attractive even that you can not skip through the most elementary things The albums department is one of the most important reservoirs in the world and the second largest photo and film repository after the British Museum. The Linear Documentation Center of the Golestan Palace is considered one of the most important centers of the world in terms of the number of written and written Qajar documents.

The Golestan Palace has hosted the kings for many years, and have lived in it with Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, Fath Ali Shah, Mohammad Shah Qajar, Naseroddin Shah Qajar, Muzaffaroddin Shah Qajar, Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar and Ahmad Shah Qajar.

The positive points of this collection include easy access to public transportation, there are enough guides in the collection, and their lingering and respectful approach to attracting more tourists helps.

With seeing only the Global registration of the capital; we go to 15 Khordad city and take a look at Tehran's Golestan Palace.

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