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Truths about the Bermuda Triangle


In 1997, the Global Nature Fund declared the list of the 10 most dangerous shipping areas, the Bermuda Triangle being the first. Since the 1600s, more than 1,000 ships and planes and more than a thousand people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and are therefore called the devil's triangle.  The three Rayon Rayon, Bermuda, and Florida regions form a triangular regional zone in the Atlantic, which is why the Bermuda Triangle is called the Bermuda Triangle, which is closer to Bermuda than the other two. What can you do to find the devil's trail around Bermuda, in that there is no doubt that the essence of Bermuda is tied to many mysteries and mysteries?

The first time that the triangle was dangerous for everyone, it was when a ship with 300 people drowned. No signs of any passenger or even ship carts were discovered, and even the ship in the area and nearby it did not send any warning to the control center.

In 1941, after the big event, two other ships were sunk in this triangle, and again nothing was discovered and seized. After the incident of 1341, a helicopter was placed on top of this triangle with its passengers to detect carcasses, but the helicopter disappeared, and subsequent reports were such that ships and helicopters would drown in this area. There was no longer any research in this area for a while Then in 1950, a journalist named A. Williams Jones published an article about the disappearance of ships and planes on the Florida coast and the disappearance of 32 passengers flying on an aircraft in San Juan-on-Rio. Gave However, the word "Bermuda Triangle" seems to have been used for the first time in 1964 by a writer named Vincent Gadis, and since then, the Bermuda Triangle has come to public awareness and is soon named in the most mysterious places in the world. Became

This triangle was still dangerous to humans, where five navy ships with their passengers near it with disturbances in the compass and the pathway had long wandered into a state of shortage of fuel. This issue also made Bermuda scorn and, of course, more frightening.

The Bermuda Triangle is a name that, although it has been familiar to all of us for many years, yet still there are many secrets about it that are unknown. The Bermuda Triangle is actually a region in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Peru Rico and Florida, which is known for the disappearance of ships, boats and planes, and in general, whatever in that area or beyond. So far, more than 1,000 ships and aircraft have disappeared in the area

In his book, The Bermuda Triangle, Carlos sees extraterrestrials responsible for the disappearance of Flight 19. Flight # 19 is still one of the most strange and unhappy things that are related to the Bermuda Triangle. On December 5, 1945, five bomber planes of the TBF O'Neill landed in the air for a training mission from the feet of Lauderilles in Florida, but after a while they experienced technical problems and navigation, and therefore requested their base Helped.  Each of the five planes had lost their way, and the more they looked after the land, they were more likely to fall into the ocean floor. The last recorded record of this flight is the captain who informs people on the plane that they are landing in the ocean because of the expiration of the fuel. Not only that 14 crew of the five aircraft were never found, but 13 other crew members who were sent to save their lives were never found. Although extensive search was carried out to find the remains of these six aircraft, but no piece or address was found.

Carroll A.Deering was a commercial boat with five sails, and at the time it was considered the most popular means of transport. The boat began its journey in August 1920 while transporting coal from United States Virginia to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in September of that year, without having to deal with any problems, its cargo was safe Delivered by the buyer. However, Deering disappears during the return journey, and is re-discovered in January 1921 near North Carolina. Ship rescuers find that all crew, navigation devices, ship records and even two of their salvaging boats have disappeared, and Deering has become a ghost ship. Although the US government did a lot of research on the ship, official reports and research results were never published.

SS Faro was a 240-meter long ship that traveled exactly like the Bermuda Triangle. The ship began its last trip from Florida to Puerto Rico in September 2015, with 33 crew members, including several women on board. It was said that a tropical tropical storm would occur on the way to the ship, but the ship's path was set so that it was a few hundred miles away from the storm so that no threat could be threatened. The journey of this ship is well done by the middle of the way, but suddenly the small storm turned into a third grade bang with waves up to 12 meters high.

The last sentences from the recorded microphones indicate that the motors have been shut down and that they are entering the water by bending the vessel to one side.   However, the captain later notes that the flow of water is cut off and everything is under control.   But then the communication is completely cut off, and a few weeks later the remains of this crop will be found at a depth of 4600 meters below the sea floor.   But what makes the story more mysterious is that;   To date, no traces of 33 El faro crews have been found

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In 2012, a scientist named Dr. Mir Verlag, discovered a glass pyramid at a depth of 2000 meters in the depths of the ocean, using sound waves, which, according to him, was three times the size of the Giza Great Pyramid. According to the scientist, this glass pyramid could cause the loss of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle area. The news of the discovery of the pyramid by Dr. Verlog was first published on a website called beforeitsnews, where the news spread in cyberspace and found many supporters and opponents. "According to a report published on the website beforeitsnews," Dr. Vergel believes further research on the pyramid discovered can provide us with a great deal of information about the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps this mysterious pyramid can finally solve the mystery of the loss of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle. " This theory was re-released in 2016, and the website claimed that Dr. Verlag offered his findings at a news conference in the Bahamas and provided further details on the pyramids discovered. However, this news and news on the various English-language websites are moving, and no official or scholar has yet confirmed the validity of the news. "Before it's News," explains the discovery of this pyramid at the bottom of the ocean, "the discovery of this pyramid could prove engineers' theory that the pyramids were built as a source of great power. It can also prove the existence of the lost city of Atlantis, and it can even solve the mystery of the loss of ships and planes since the 19th century. Pyramids placed on the ocean floor can cause severe vortices in the ocean, apparently due to the evacuation of an unknown inner energy. "

In 1492, when Christopher Columbus discovered the American continent in his memoirs, Christopher Columbus spoke of an unidentified bird's eye view of the region. Scientists say there is deep water in the area, sharp mountains, potholes and valleys that increase the fear of this place. According to one Russian scientist, Igor Yeltsov, there is a lot of solid methane gas below the Bermuda Triangle, and due to the pressure of the ocean, methane is formed into an icy material, known as gas hydrate. And when this substance It begins to decompose, causing bubbles to rise, resulting in lower water density and ships falling into water. In the Bermuda Triangle, there is a magnetic pole of the north and a real north pole, which can lead to the aberration of the ships. There are many examples that people have claimed that it does not make much sense on top of this part of our planet and blue. For this reason, metaphysical theories have come about as a time jump or multi-dimensional journey from this fact.

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