The Lost Civilization of Man

Does artificial intelligence help improve the world of human beings or does it destroy human beings?


This post is a brief look at the artificial intelligence invented by Alan Turing in 1950, and the many advances it has made to date, so that it affects people lives today

in 1950 Alan Turing conducted an experiment called the Turing Test in a paper called Machine Computing and Intelligence. The test is conducted by a person sitting as a judge with a machine or artificial intelligence and a human being, trying to distinguish the machine from the human. If artificial intelligence can convince the judge to make a mistake in their judgment, it can pass the test successfully. For the focus of the test is on machine intelligence, not its ability to mimic human voice, the conversation is conducted only through text, keyboard and computer screen

John McCarthy, who received the Turing Award for his services to the advancement of computer science in the field of artificial intelligence, organized the Dartmouth project in 1955, and clearly used the term artificial intelligence.

The name of artificial intelligence was invented in the year 1965 as a new science This new knowledge folowed until IBM introduced Deep Blue supercomputer in year 1965. The supercomputer surprised everyone with the challenge of great chess master Gary Kasbarov and the defeat of chess masters

IBM exhibited Watson s artificial intelligence in Year 2011.   That artificial intelligence defeated two major Jeopardy contestants that same year and won the $ 1 million prize, it surprised everyone.

IBM took the next step as the Debater project. Eventually, Debater entered a debate with humans in February 2019. It was in two different rounds, against two clever debaters - Noa Ovadia and Dan Zafrir - who were able to defeat IBM. But with very little distance. Important in this debate was Debater s ability to listen to the arguments put forward by his opponent - as well as to try to disprove him - which was just like a human being. At times, Debater used to guess what the other side might be saying and launch a new verbal attack on him. Debater even tried twice to humorously answer his opponent; once he stated that if he had blood his blood would boil from that person s words.

Does artificial intelligence help improve the world of human beings or does it destroy human beings?

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