The Lost Civilization of Man

The old box containing mysterious writings was discovered in the trash


Someone named TramStopDan found a wooden box in the trash. Which contained mysterious writings and paintings of the future

Until now, there was mysterious phenomena in the world that have not been answered. Some may be fabulous, but some have happened in real life

You are undoubtedly aware of the importance of painting in the antiquity of the Renaissance and even today. Because the common language of all human beings of the past, present, and perhaps even aliens is nothing but the language of painting.   And, of course, you're aware of the ability of great painters to create amazing works of art. Painters such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Jean Fouquet were painters who had a message for the future with astonishing and mysterious works.

Someone named TramStopDan found a wooden box in the trash. This box did not seem unusual at first and consisted of a hinge, handle and a pair of locks; But when this mysterious wooden box was opened, things changed and there were a number of strange scrolls, including handwritten diaries - about UFOs - in the late 60s and 80s, and pictures of Bible creatures and UFOs there.

This was a very strange thing and for this reason, the box was called Crazy Box.   This user has discovered other paintings that combine divine and extraterrestrial beings. But the contents of this mysterious wooden box did not end there, and maps of unimaginable things such as train wheels and hand-drawn maps of the late 1930s marked with a hole in its center.

One of the paintings in this box is about airline painting. And what is remarkable and questionable is the map of the airlines based on the map of the flat terrain.

When these mental designs, writings and drawings were displayed in the media, many questions immediately arose, including whether the creator of these works believed in another dimension? Or were they just a fantasy?

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