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A cold beverage that you should drink everyday!

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Every person must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to provide the required amount of water of a healthy body. There are many people who do not like to drink water as it doesn’t have any taste. But I will introduce you a COLD BEVERAGE that can be also used everyday and it has many benefits for your body but most important benefits are as follows:

1- Improves the digestion. 2- burns extra fats. 3- helps with detoxing your body. 4- supplies required fiber of the body. 5- constipation treatment. 6- eliminates bloating.

What you need to make this amazing beverage?!.

1- one pitcher of cold water. 1- several slices of lemon (at least 1 lemon). 2- 20 grams of fresh mint. 3- one sliced cucumber. 4- 10 grams of ginger.

How to make this beverage?! Follow the instruction below:

- Fill one pitcher with cold water. - add all the required amount of ingredients given above. - Mix them well with a spoon. - leave the pitcher in the fridge for a few hours and then it is ready for you Try to drink at least 3 glasses of the fresh beverage per day, one glass specifically when you wake up. Enjoy :)

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