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The human nervous system sends signals throughout the body and brain through the flow of electricity, enabling us to move, think and feel, and actually live. This electricity in the nervous system of an ordinary human being, that is, someone who eats, works and sleeps, is 23 watts produced by the brain. So this person's body is not compatible with higher voltages. And of course the brain needs enough sleep to produce this amount of electricity. Now, if we want to use the highest level of our brain power instead of the normal brain power we have, this existing voltage is not responsive. Therefore, we must increase the pranic capacity of our body so that we can receive cosmic energy, prana or the energy of life. And we have to do it carefully and in a certain way, because if we suddenly increase this energy, we may damage other parts of the body. In this article you will see what level of spiritual awakening you are and you can also use our tips to progress in the process of awakening your consciousness.

To know if you are ready or not, let's say that all meditations and spiritual exercises have energy levels from 1 to 9. Also, the capacity of each human system is from 1 (meaning he/she has never meditated) to 9 (meaning he/she is fully prepared). Now consider that there are different levels of kundalini awakening, each level corresponding to a chakra. When the kundalini awakens, it flows through the delicate lateral canals, called Ida and Pingala, on either side of the spine and moves upward. And passes through Sushumna Nadi, (the delicate central canal in the spinal cord). As it increases, your consciousness becomes very delicate and radiant and "connects" with your subtle body and inner senses. It passes through each of the major chakras, and each time it reaches the chakra, the meditator experiences a chakra-based experience. For example, when kundalini reaches the root chakra, your sleep system is disrupted. You understand your body. Anxiety and stress reach the lowest possible level. And most importantly, you will find the desire to eat healthy foods. Here most meditators think that they have reached the final consciousness so they do not go beyond this. Because with more effort, kundalini passes through this chakra and that pleasant experience disappears. Here the meditator misunderstands and gives up more effort. Note that most of these experiences do not occur during the meditation, but usually occur in the post-meditation mode. That is, when you are resting, when you are relaxed and do not want to do anything special.

Every day, just after you wake up, a glow of impersonal consciousness from the spiritual heart, the causal center, begins to shine through the Amrita Nadi, until it reaches the brain area. When it reaches the brain, it "transforms" into a personal consciousness, and the ego is formed and spread throughout the nervous system. Now what we want to do by kundalini meditation is collect all the released vital force from all parts of the nervous system to the central canal in the spine. Then we wake up the latent energy and raise it to reach the brain area and then bring it back down. We must first combine upward flow energy (prana) with downstream energy (apana), which produces a powerful heat energy in the umbilical region. We do this by meditating and focusing on breathing. One of the most mysterious things in our human system is the three distinct places along Sushumna Nadi called Granth. These are energetic and emotional blockages that are reinforced by negative experiences and energies and create a strong barrier to the movement of life force. In fact, it can be said that (I am this body) is strengthened in the person. Therefore, you should always avoid negative energies.

But to know what level of spiritual awakening you are, answer the following questions and determine your level. Then we will suggest you to meditate appropriately with that level

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