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UFO in the Renaissance painting


Is there really a particular force in this area, or is it all a lie? A painting of the Renaissance in one of the churches in Italy has attracted a lot of attention. In this painting of the Holy Mary there may be a mysterious flying saucer, indicating that there are spatial entities. Curiosity about the painting is not religious. Some people believe that in this painting, there is a saucer above the head of the holy Mary.

In the painting "The Annunciation with Saint Emidius" by famous Italian painter Carlo Crivelli in 1486, Mary is shown inside a room in the Ascoli Pictoral of Italy, and is a golden light laser light , He goes from heaven to his head. This light is rooted from a circular cloud, which is similar to the airborne flying saucer.

This light beam should in principle represent the Immaculate Conception, that is, when the Holy Mary miraculously, on the basis of his merits, his own child, Jesus became pregnant. Traditionally, this object is considered a heavenly light ring. Traditional religious thought believes that this was a divine intervention, but what if this object was not Divine? What if this intervention was carried out by extraterrestrial entities?

The Listverse recently featured 10 historic paintings featuring UFOs and UFOs, and the painting of glad tidings along with Holy Hope is on the list. For those interested in spatial creatures, this painting shows something that might shock religious people

When the 29,000-year-old planet had a constant contact with extraterrestrial entities, then the works of the artists of that time to convey concepts from the past would not be blessed. Because the common language of all past and present humans and even extraterrestrial entities is nothing, Except painting language.

Proponents of this idea have pointed out that light-to-sea exposure to the Holy Mary while inside the house is similar to the modern abduction by spatial creatures. Many of those who claim to have been stolen by extraterrestrials have stated in their extraterrestrial entities that they were inside their houses when they happened, and a strange light from the outside of the building and from the sky was thrown into them.

In an examination of other ancient paintings that depicts a UFO , the French scientist Jacques Vallée says that the phenomenon was seen in other 15th-century artworks, even in ancient times. He is a renowned researcher in the field of UFO since the late 60's. He also spoke about the fact that the painter did not see the incident that he portrayed and does not see the story. Painting by Carlo Crioli is roughly 1500 BC. However, why do many people, and even scholars, speak of strange and mysterious objects in stories before the twentieth century?

Jacques Valley, in a conversation with the Huffington news agency, says the value of such events is that it is possible to begin the phenomenon of a UFO in real and documented historical works. The researcher does not claim that this painting confirms the existence of extraterrestrial entities, but it does testify to the fact that UFOs have been viewed and reported from ancient times. He points out that with the scientific approach he says that since somebody has seen something in the Middle Ages in the Middle Ages, it is not the same phenomenon that people see in the sky these days.

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