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The Shroud of Jesus Christ; The Shroud of Turin

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This article takes a look at the greatest discovery in history. In 1974, a famous knight named Geoffroi de Charney discovered a linen cloth in a small town called Lirey.   The cloth is said to be a shroud that worn over Jesus Christ when he was crucified.

In 1353, a famous knight named Geoffroi de Charney discovered a linen cloth in a small town called Lirey.   The cloth is said to be a shroud that worn over Jesus Christ when he was crucified. But in 1390, Bishop Pierre d'Arcis Stated that the shroud was forged and probably made by an artist. But in 1958, Pope Pius XII emphasized that the shroud was real.   And Pope John Paul II called this historic discovery "the mirror of the Bible."

In 1978, a sensitive project called the US-led Turin Research Project began. The project allowed researchers access to the Turin Shroud for 5 full days. They arrived in Turin with seven tons of equipment and worked 24 hours a day. A team of European scientists also worked as expert observers. Their analysis showed no signs of artificial pigments. The project concluded that this image is a crucified man. But in 1988, the Vatican sent small samples from the corner of the shroud to the laboratories of the Oxford University Radiocarbon Accelerator (RAU), the University of Arizona, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. All three laboratories found that Turin shroud tormentors date from 1260 to 1390. That is, the same period that this shroud was discovered. Thus, the authenticity of this shroud was questioned. But when the labs took the shroud for research, they got a very different date. We read the result on the National Geographic website as follows:   Our research does not prove that shrouds are invalid or that they are less than 2,000 years old.

The shroud is rectangular in size and it's about 4.4 meters long and 1.1 meters wide. Its most prominent feature is the faint brown image of the front and back of a naked man with his hands on the groin. The man in the picture has a beard, mustache and shoulder-length hair. He is muscular. Experts have measured his height from 1.70 to 1.88 meters. Reddish-brown spots are found on the Shroud, which shows various scars that, according to experts, are related to this man. Pathophysiology considers the description of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Bible to be consistent with the spots and images on this shroud.

Specialists used modern technology to simulate the image of this man. The cloth was damaged in a fire that broke out in 1532 in the small church of Chambery. Fourteen large triangular pieces and eight smaller pieces are sewn on the shroud by Poor Claire's nuns to repair the damage.

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