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In Tehran, Iran; on Zafaranieh Ave. There is a special museum dedicated to the time that was founded about 16 years ago as the first Iranian Clock Museum.

In Tehran, Iran; on Zafaranieh Ave. There is a special museum dedicated to the time that was founded about 16 years ago as the first Iranian Clock Museum

A building inside a 5-hectare garden dating back to The time of Mohammad Shah and Nasser-al-Din Shah returns The beauty plaster that is seen in this building is a combination of foreign and Iranian style; And in the sides and margin it is a combination of Qajar and new style.

The Museum of Time is one of the historic buildings in Tehran, a Pahlavi building with a Qajar foundation. Time Museum was established in June 1999 in a two-storey building. And this beautiful house and museum became nationally registered in 2003

In this museum, precious commodity Which are time-related are kept. Among these items are watches from Iranian celebrities such as Professor Mahmoud Hesabi in the museum, historical and old watches such as Naserdin Shah sunshine, old luxury and decorative clocks, as well as documents related to the subject of time Cited.

Apart from the treasures that are located at the museum, the architecture and glamor of this museum attracts the attention of every tourist and visitor. On the first floor of the museum building, a variety of magnificent wall clocks, cookies and stands are displayed. Some of these clocks date back to the 18th century The second floor of the museum has wristwatches, watches and permanent calendars. . You can also watch the clock related to a number of celebrities, such as Professor Hassabi and Davoud Rashidi, in this museum.

In the museum there is a room called Isfahan Room. This room was molded by imitation of the Ali Qapu music room, performed by three Isfahan artists. In the courtyard of the museum, the sunglasses, the hourglass, the water clock, and the hour of fuel related to various historical periods and inside the museum are displayed on the mechanical wall clocks, desks, pockets and wristwatches.

As a result, if you are interested in the old time and time, you are encouraged to visit this beautiful and historic place, and the positive aspects of this beautiful museum, as well as the green area and its restaurant and cafe, as well as easy access to Public transportation, which makes it a memorable day for you

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