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Vida is the person who was diagnosed with 4 cancers at the same time, so that American doctors were unable to treat her. Vida now had only a month to live. But he did not give up and sought a solution through the Internet and various methods. He was able to prepare drinks and snacks from the books of ancient medicine and herbs, and in fact what is in nature, which Johnny gave him again. This had astonished the doctors. Vida is currently writing a book about it. But Vida has sent us the treatment method, which you can read below:

Important: You have to drink and eat these when you are wake up in the morning between 4am and 1pm when your stomach is empty. Also you must buy them all organic. Juices one by one: (You should stop eating your breakfast as you did before. One or half of fresh sour lemon in one glass of water. (Aids in a healthy heart, diabetes, blood pressure, stomach, and killing any disease and microbe in your body) If you want to drink coffee or tea (green tea) do so without sugar.

Beetroots 55%, Carrots 20%, Celery Root 20%, Potatoes 3%, Radishes 2%. (One-third of a glass is enough.) (You can see this juice on: youtube.com “Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days”)

Wheat grass, Tulsi or Holy Basil leaves (a few leaves), Neem leaves (a few leaves), Giloy or Amrita or Tinospora Cordifolia (a few leaves). (Less than one cup is enough.) You can order those plants (Neem and Giloy) from Amazon.com from different countries. It’s best if you buy them as a plant and grow them in a flowerpot. (You just spend less than $100 for them). You can buy wheat grass at a farmer’s market and grow them. (You can cut them 4 or 5 times) Preparation: Make a juice (not mix them), you can buy “Handy Pantry Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer” from Amazon.com (almost $100)

Aloe Vera Gel: cut a little, take out skin, and eat it. (It helps for any kind of cancer.) One Garlic clove taken as a pill. (at least 3 times weekly) Eat one Organic Date at least every day.

After your juices you make a salad:

Alfalfa, Broccoli, Tomato, Cucumber, Extra Olive Oil, Sea Salt (use less salt as possible), Avocado, Nuts, any kind of Lettuce, Mint, Parsley, Dill, fresh Sour Lemon.

After 1pm you can eat your Food Safely on your treatment: Cook for yourself with organic and fresh ingredients. Drink Green tea. Cook all kinds of organic Beans and Rice especially Chickpea (Legume). The bitter and sour fruit are more helpful. Eat different seeds especially: Apricot, Apple, Avocado. Eat Organic honey if you can maximum 2 times weekly. Never eat frozen food. If you can don’t use of all plastic bottled water from the stores, instead boil water and pour one drop sour lemon in it at home and drink it. Never use any kind of disposable plate or plastic plate. If you have enough patience use lower than pills for your pain.

Never eat and drink these on your treatment:

Cold water, Sugar, Coke or Pepsi, Chips, canned Tomato (just in those glass jars and organic), Non-Organic Apple, no other kind of oil for cooking except for Extra Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, Non-Organic Flour, Soya, any kind of milk, yogurt, any kind of chocolate and cookies, any kind of meat, chicken, fish, any kind of juices from the stores, any kind of canned food, any kind of vitamin.

At least 5 minutes under sun daily.

The important types of Yoga (every day 10 minutes or at least 20 mints weekly): On youtube.com “Yoga for cancer by swami ramdev Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar” (Different types of breathing (Oxygen) exercise kill cancer cells.) By online searching for: “ Faradarmani - Treatment of Interuniversalism - Healing through Consciousness by Doctor Mohammad Ali Taheri “ and you can ask for treatment by online of California, Iran, or others countries without paying any money.

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In conclusion:

Believe and have faith in God from your particular religion, Mother Nature, and your Soul and that will help you to get free of cancer.Forgiving any person that hurts you. Trying to like all people. Being happy as much as you can and never being scared of die, and always sure that you will get healthy. I got free of cancer after my chemo when I still had my tumors. Please help yourself because you are important, and nobody can help you as much as yourself. This was from my study of different countries on my treatment.

Best regards, Vida Samimi

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