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Strange gel-like substance discovered on the dark side of the moon

The Chang E 4 mission, one of Changi"s most important missions in the Chinese Space Agency, includes a lander of the same name, namely, Chang 4, as well as a probe called Yutu-2. 2). Chang E 4 descended to the moon in December 2018; on January 3, 2019 it was the first lander in human history to descend into the dark side of the moon.But when YUTU2 was ready for a short break suddenly found a strange substance. this strange substance was unusual in color and attracted the attention of the team because of its significant difference with its surroundings. Click link below to read more:

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Do you know why the hotels don t have the room 420?

Many people have gone to hotels to stay or work or to celebrate marriage,   But have you ever tried to book Room 420 in any hotel in the world? If you want, you usually can t. Do you know why?....