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Summary of the Secret Gospel of John

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This article is a summary of the secret gospel of John. But why is the Gospel of John the Apostle important? Because John the Apostle was the closest person to Jesus Christ, so much so that Jesus entrusted his mother, Mary, to him on the cross, which is a sign of trust. So, without a doubt, he has received the teachings of Jesus well. Apart from these, two important parts in today's Bible are the writings of John the Apostle.

It seems that the ordinary world of pain and near death, problems, temptations, sins, stresses and losses almost always prevails. However, sometimes you can get what you are looking for and see glory everywhere and consider yourself divine.

If you are one of those people, then you know what you really are, that you are God, just like everyone else. But, as an awakened person, your existence in this mundane and difficult world amazes you. "How did I get here?" you ask yourself. I don't feel like I belong here.

In fact, you belong to a realm of divinity. And it sure seems like that divine realm is not your everyday reality. But if, in absolute reality, all that exists is God, why don't we always know this? Why do some people never consider that they might be something that is trapped deep within their physical body? Why don't we really know who we are? How did we forget? What keeps us from ever realizing our divinity and what keeps so many people from denying that their divinity is even conceivable?

In fact, your reality is made up of these dictated statements that you are merely flawed humans, relatives of the apes, doomed to die, ruled by a judgmental creator God who often shows no interest in people. Anyway, these are the questions that Jesus addressed during his presence in this material world. He explained how man fell and became us and how, knowing that story, we can return to glory and be drawn back to God. And John the Apostle wrote them.

What you are reading below is a summary of the secret gospel of John the Apostle.

The book begins when Jesus on the mountain describing God. He says that:

it is not proper to call it God or to say that it is like God, because it surpasses any god. Nothing is higher or greater than that. Nothing lower than that can contain it, because it contains everything. It is self-sufficient forever. He is unique. He is perfect and nothing can ever make it more perfect. Its light is absolute light.

In fact, according to the words of Jesus, the place where he came from is the realm of light, and he himself is a part of the light. He says:

I am the light that dwells in the light. 

And there is an Absolute Consciousness, which Jesus calls the One, the One, or the Father, which Consciousness is the Pure Light. And in fact, that realm of light is the manifestation of that consciousness of light, which is called Ian. Or in other words, it is the set of structures of this light consciousness. These are powerful entities that make up this realm of light. These are grace, truth, form, understanding, perception, memory, understanding, love, idea, perfection, peace and wisdom(Sophia). These are functions of the divine mind that work together as the structure of consciousness.

These Ians are paired and work together in a certain harmony and unity. Then the father creates a spark of light that resembles the father's own light. This spark is the first perfect human being who is pure light and resides in Ian, the realm of light. 

But as I said, one of those Ians is called wisdom, or in other words, Sophia. Sophia decides to create a creature herself. And because she does this outside of that harmony and unity of consciousness, the creature she creates is misshapen. It has a head like a lion and a body like a snake. Sophia names it Yaldabaoth or Demiurge. And because he was created by an Ian, he had the same light inside him that other Ians had. This means that he had the power and abilities that enabled him to create, just like the Ians. So he created a realm for himself by the still-existing bright flame, which is the familiar material world. Yaldabaoth united with the mindlessness within him and began to create 12 arcanes modeled after the incorruptible realm above. And then the arcanes created 365 demons. 

Note that he never actually saw the Realm of Light, but had their pattern within him from the power he received from his mother. Just like a hologram that when split in half, each piece is a complete hologram.
Yaldabaoth placed the first seven arcana to control the seven celestial spheres. and placed the next five arcans to control the depths of the earth. Here is their face as seen in physical form, and they look exactly like the creatures that Solomon mentioned in the book Key of Solomon. According to Jesus:

Yaldabaoth because of his ignorance said I am God and there is no god but me because he did not know where his power comes from.

But Sophia who realized this big mistake, instead of returning to Ian, was placed just outside of it in the ninth heaven, above her son's realm, that is, the eighth heaven, so that she might be able to take back the power that Yaldabaoth given.
Therefore, that Eternal Essence, that Oneness, the Father appeared in the form of a man (the same as the first man) to the Arcanes. A tremor rumbled in Yaldabaoths territory and shook the foundations of his territory. The waters above the material world were illuminated with a brilliant image, and the arkans saw the image of man with this light. They were mute.


But Yaldabaoth said to the Arkans: Let's make a creature based on this heavenly image and in our own shape, so that this creature will bring light to us. So by their powers they made the parts of the creature's body, and each contributed something to fit a part of the image they had seen, that of the first perfect man. And they said: Let's name him Adam so that his name will be a shining power for us.
But the Adam did not move and was only an inanimate body. Until Yaldabaoth breathed that light, that consciousness, the power that was inside him and that he got from his mother into Adam, and Adam came alive. That is, a body that was created based on the image of a being that existed before any other being. Now Adam was shining with glory and greatness like pure light. But when the Arcans saw that he shines and is more intelligent than them, they took him and threw him to the lowest part of the material world. But that oneness, that father saw that the arcanes were trying to gain control of the body that now contained pure light. The consciousness that was now saved from Yaldabaoth. Therefore, the Father sent help to Adam: a reflection of light, which came from the Father, from the One. He worked with Adam and helped him understand the way to perfection, teaching him about his true nature and the ways of ascent and descent. That reflection of consciousness within Adam was hidden so that the arcanes would not recognize him in an attempt to rescue the missing part of Sophia.


For this reason, the perfect man (absolute consciousness) inside Adam was revealed with the little light that was inside him, and his mind became stronger and more powerful than the mind of his creators. 
But Yaldabaoth and the Arcans got together and used the soil, water, fire and spirit that comes from matter, that is, the darkness of ignorance and the air of the ego and their own fake spirit, to rebuild Adam's body and bind him in the chains of oblivion. 
He became mortal and alienated from his true nature. But the reflection of perfect consciousness, the essence of that One, remained in him and tried to elevate Adam's thoughts. The arcanes took Adam to a garden full of edible plants and commanded him to eat from the tree of life for pleasure, if he did he would dwell in the underworld, and darkness would be his resting place. What is pleasant to the arcanes is actually bitter and what is beautiful to them is actually ugly.
But the arcanes called the reflection of consciousness "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil," and stood before it, hoping that Adam would not glimpse it, lest he see his shameful nakedness for what it is.

But I encouraged man to eat its fruit.


I, John, asked Christ: "Was it not the serpent that persuaded Adam to eat?"

Christ laughed and answered:

"The serpent told Adam to eat the imperfect and corrupt food of the arcanes, which consists of desire, so that Adam would be useful to them. Yaldabaoth wanted to take back the power he had given to Adam, but he was no longer able to do so because there was no light in him now, and the darkness cannot understand the bright reflection. So he put Adam into a deep sleep and created another creature of the opposite sex and breathed half of that consciousness into it to weaken Adam."

I asked Christ, "What do you mean by 'deep sleep'?"
Christ replied: This refers to Adam's perception. Because as Yaldabaoth said: "I will dull their minds so that their eyes cannot see and their thoughts cannot understand."

I entered Eden for my part - so that I could teach them and bring them out of their deep sleep. Through my teaching, Adam and Eve realized that they were living in naked bodies. And intellectual reflection continues to raise their thoughts. When Yaldabaoth saw that they had turned away from him, he cursed the world he had made and drove Adam and Eve out of the garden and gave them darkness for clothing.

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