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Remote viewing Project, Found extraterrestrial bio-Android on Earth


This subject is about remote viewing project. which Done in 1973

The Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched in 1972. It was the first spacecraft to cross the asteroid belt and capture Jupiters planet from close range. The images that surprised everyone.

27.04.1973 at Stanford Research Institute, California; The CIA, in collaboration with Stanford University, conducted an experiment called Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is the ability of people to see places farther away, and these can be thousands of kilometres away, While these people are in their geographical location.

The experiment, conducted by Dr. Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ; A man named Ingo Swan who before this experiment He was able to see physical objects within a few hundred kilometers; he could finally see a ring around the Jupiter that no one knew about. Since scientists were unaware of the ring around Jupiter so far, they thought he had seen Saturns ring, and the success of the experiment was called into question until the vanguard spacecraft 10 in a year confirmed the existence of a ring around Jupiter.

But it would be more interesting if you know that the same person saw the moon in a similar experiment. What he said during the test of what he saw brought fear and panic to the crowd. He had seen towers, machinery and buildings, and human beings in the darkest part of the moon.

The story is that Swan made a mental trip to the moon, which allowed him to see different parts of the moon.   In this experiment, they examined 10 different geographic coordinates of the moon, including parts of the dark side of the moon. Swan, with his own eyes, observed various parts of the moon remotely, and finally analyzed an area far beyond human eyes. An area that is always hidden from human sight! the dark side of moon

He saw signs of a strange activity on the moon. As if he has seen the footprints of giant in this unknown globe! After a little observation, he noticed that extraterrestrial activities were running on the moon. He said that deep inside a crater, there was a light halo of light shining from very tall towers.

Can what Swan have seen in the moon come true? There is a big question - NASA and space organizations claiming to see and discover stars and dungeons over millions of light years; How could they not get a picture of another part of the moon?

In 1998, Swan begins to work with a secret agency to study extraterrestrial beings. After years he reveals a secret:   According to him, extraterrestrials live on the Earth in the human body. He deduces that they are bio-Android.

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In a remote viewing experiment, Swan stated that a growing triangle simultaneously scans Alaska and kills any living creature, even the animal that approaches the area. Under the ice, he said, there is a city in the lunar eclipse. What confirms Swan remarks is the investigation that began after his remarks. More than 16000 people have disappeared in this Alaskan triangle since year 1990; and there are no animals in the area.

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