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New mystery of Mona Lisa painting just discovered


Solving the mystery of Mona lisa has occupied the minds of researchers for many years but unaware that Da Vinci Has hidden a big secret In the background of Mona lisa painting. in this article i will reveal this big secret to you.

First of all, you have to remember that Da Vinci kept three of his paintings to himself until the last moment of his life. Saint John the Baptist was one of those painting that we talked about in the previous video. And Mona Lisa is another of these paintings.

What do you see in Mona lisa’s painting? Let's forget Suspicion and manipulation in painting. Researchers have found the letter "L" and "V" in the right eye of Mona Lisa. According to researchers, these are the first letters of Leonardo and Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci means Leonardo of Vinci, that Vinci was Leonardo's hometown. Researchers also discovered letters C and E in her left eye. Usually these letters must be the first letters of the owner of this portrait. But these letters have nothing to do with Lisa Gardarini or Lisa del Gicondo. Is it possible that the owner of this painting is someone else? According to researchers, we should say goodbye to Mona Lisa. But why? Because researchers opened the tomb of Mona Lisa to use the DNA and her skull to reconstruct her face. The result was that the painting is not a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo. And of course, the issue became more serious when researchers discovered this portrait (the portrait above) in 2015 behind Mona Lisa's portrait.

Now the question is ...... who is this gorgeous lady ? I will tell you, this person has no external existence. And she is a result of Da Vinci's studies and research.

Now, if you look more closely at the painting, you will notice that the number 2 is mentioned in this painting. 2 column bases( beside Mona Lisa). There are numbers 2( in the background). 2 letters in each eye. Lisa's fingers showing the number 2. And number 2 in the Mona Lisa's Alphabet. But what is this mean? Maybe it means that there are two paintings of Mona Lisa

This person has no external existence. And she is a result of Da Vinci's studies and research.

As you can see, a bridge can be seen in the left side of the painting. The bridge is Ponte Buriano and was built in 1277 in the Tuscany region. But we have nothing to do with this bridge. We are looking for the number 72 below this bridge. But what does this number mean? First of all, you should know that the number 72 is mentioned as the master number, because everywhere in this world, plays a role, from different religions to galaxies. I t can even be seen in Kabbalah. But among all this, one thing is very important: the Earth's axis moves one degree every 72 years compared to the stars and the arch of heaven. That is called the great year of the world. Important discoveries from ancient tribes such as the Maya, Aztecs, and Greeks show that human life has been destroyed in four different periods. Which is called the end of the world.

The first world was destroyed by a collision with a celestial objects. The Second World was destroyed by a change in the Earth's polar axis, and then comes the ice age. The Third World destroyed by the rain of fire, and some saved themselves by taking refuge under the ground. And the Fourth World was destroyed by the onset of a huge flood, and some people survived by building ships.

Surely you are asking what this had to do with our subject. So this is your answer. The resultant motion of the Earth's axis is called general precession and the equinox points in the ecliptic move westward along the ecliptic at the rate of about 50.3 seconds of arc per year as a result. Thus, it takes 72 years for zodiac to move one degree against of fixed stars. And so it takes 25,920 years for the zodiac to one complete rotate. And that means universe changing every 25,920 years, a change that destroys humans life on the earth.

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In our opinion, Da Vinci predicted the end of our world with a huge flood.

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