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Briton Wizard Prophecies

Knaresborough in England has some strange stories and legends from the distant past. Stories like the money-....


A way to align the chakras

If you feel you are silent but can not find the reason, you should think about aligning your chakras. There are seven chakras or seven spiritual centers in our body that relate to our emotions and act....

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What happened to Charlie Chaplin body?

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a famous comedian, filmmaker and composer who became famous during the silent film era. Through his character, The Tramp, he became a global symbol and one of the most ....


Elixir of Immortality

How can be immortalize? Yes, for centuries humans have been looking for something called the elixir of immortality or the water of life. Something that makes them immortal. Alchemists in different e....

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New mystery of Mona Lisa painting just discovered

Solving the mystery of Mona lisa has occupied the minds of researchers for many years but unaware that Da Vinci Has hidden a big secret In the background of Mona lisa painting. in this article i will ....

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Nazca Mysterious Lines

Nazca mysterious lines in Peru are a complex subject that has preoccupied researchers and archaeologists for decades. Nazca lines theories include significant ones such as ancient astronauts and the ....

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Hidden Messages In Famous Logos you have never noticed

Many popular logos have hidden messages that most of us are unaware of. In this video, we review the Apple, Pepsi, Starbucks, Formula 1, Tableau, BMW, Hyundai, Amazon and New York Bronx Zoo logos. ....


The Third Secret Of Fatima

In May 1917 in the Fatima city in Portugal, while three children (7, 9 and 10 years old) were grazing sheeps met with the Blessed Virgin Mary. She told the children 3 secrets of the future. This art....