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Reality behind the story of Noah and the great flood

From years ago, scholars believe that the story of the ark of Noah"s ark - mentioned in the scriptures - stems from an older story that existed centuries ago in ancient Babylon. All of these scholars ....


Scan revealed the secret of the Egyptians mummy

A scan revealed the secret of the mummy coffin from 600 BC. At first, archaeologists thought the mummy inside the casket was a fetus that was about 18 weeks gestation.....


New discovery from the lost underwater city in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said: Egyptian and European archaeologists recently found the remains of a large temple and a number of ships and treasures; Like coins and jewelry.....


The secret of ancient hybrid beings

Archaeological findings and the ruins of the ancients; The most important role is played by what we know about ancient today. Findings that have been made by ancient to inform future generations Or th....