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Was Noah a human being?

No doubt you have heard the story of Noah flood over and over again from birth. It is said in this story that God chose Noah because of his piety and righteousness. in this article read the result of....


Turkey after 2023 - Why hagia sophia changed?

From 2023, Turkey will witness great changes. The early conversion of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul into a mosque last week be the beginning of these developments.....

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Nazca Mysterious Lines

Nazca mysterious lines in Peru are a complex subject that has preoccupied researchers and archaeologists for decades. Nazca lines theories include significant ones such as ancient astronauts and the ....


The Third Secret Of Fatima

In May 1917 in the Fatima city in Portugal, while three children (7, 9 and 10 years old) were grazing sheeps met with the Blessed Virgin Mary. She told the children 3 secrets of the future. This art....


Ancient Egypt and Obelisk

Ancient Egypt and its gods have long been associated with mystery. In this article, we will explore obelisk and the gods of ancient Egypt....


Louvre Museum and the secret behind the glass pyramid

In 1983, a Chinese-American architect was commissioned to build a glass pyramid for the Louvre.   The inauguration of the pyramid in year 1989 caused many protests. Because people considered this p....


Negarestan garden museum

In this post we looking at a must beautiful and historical museum in iran which called Negarestan garden museum.....


Ancient Salt Men Discovered in Iran

A mans mummy was discovered in a salt mine in Zanjan province in Iran in 1993. Upon further exploration, 5 other mummies were found, one of which was a woman and the other a young boy.....