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Pompeii; a city where its people became stone


This video is a documentary from our trip to Pompeii, Italy. The city was famous for its great lust in ancient Rome, where it disappeared from the earth due to the Mount Vesuvius volcano for a few hours, and its people who became stone in less than a few minutes. The city was accidentally discovered 1500 years later and its ruins were excavated from the underground

Pompeii, ruined and devastated, under 4 to 6 meters of soil ash, was buried by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which occurred in AD 79

It's believed that people in the city suffocated by toxic gases from the volcanoes and high temperatures. The city was buried after a volcano for 1500 years. It was completely accidentally discovered in 1599 by a farmer who had plucked out jars.

Paintings from the walls of the city of Pompeii show that this city was the largest center of prostitution in ancient times, and came from all over Rome for adultery

It is interesting to know some of these stone sculptures are ongoing sex And even with one child. Even traces of human sex with animals are also seen.

According to the works, the people of this city have not even had the chance to rise from their place and escape. Researchers have not yet been able to find a logical explanation for the city why so many people are sitting or sleeping to become rocks. And have not escaped

And, of course, for religious reasons, the religious people are aware of this incident.   Looks like Lot's story

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