The Lost Civilization of Man

Kandlus makes different videos on different topics every month. Topics such as ancient extraterrestrials, ancient sciences, ancient secrets, legends, the matrix, and even important historical figures and... You can watch these videos in this section for free
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The spirituality section of Kandlus includes various sections, such as different music frequencies, Kundalini awakening, meditation, Find out your zodiac sign, Ego and Your True Self, Angel Numbers and...
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Ancient civilizations
Ancient civilizations are one of the key topics of Kandlus research. Because the ancients had advanced sciences that modern science is unable to explain. Therefore, studying the ancients helps us to know about them and their secrets.
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According to annual statistics, thousands of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are seen by ordinary and famous people all over the world. The names of these objects are unknown because it has not yet been determined for sure what these objects are. Therefore, the study of these objects and any subject that is a sign of extraterrestrial life is another subject of Kandlus
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Sometimes there are topics related to astronomy that are of interest to Kandlus. For example, the detailed study of climate change, aerospace discoveries, and even rare events in the skies. Do you know what the actual use of the Georgia Guidestones was? Click on the button below to read Kandlus articles in this field.
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Decoding the hidden secrets
Do you know that in many ancient works there are many codes that need to be decoded? Do you know that in the works of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci there are many codes that need to be deciphered? Yes, decoding the hidden secrets is another topic of Kandlus that you can read in this section
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Mystery and horror
Are you a fan of mysterious and scary themes? kandlus also writes articles of this category, which are the result of his studies and research on real issues. For example, the true nature of zombies in Haiti, the true nature of Halloween night and...
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Test your knowledge with Kandlus's quiz
Kandlus prepares 2 quizzes per week, most of which are related to website articles. By doing these quizzes, in addition to testing your knowledge of articles, you can collect points and turn them into prizes.

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