The Lost Civilization of Man

Finding the Vimana Ancient Indian Ufo in Afghanistan


According to historians, there were more than "two million rows" about Zarathustra in the ancient library of Alexandria, destroyed by the Roman Empire of Theodosius I in 391 BC. Plinius was the author of the first century Roman, naturalist, natural philosopher, as well as the commander of the navy during the early Roman empires. He also called Zoroaster the "magic inventor

But why has he called the magic inventor? Perhaps the reason for this can be in the discovery that took place in 2012 in Afghanistan...

Sanskrit is the ancient language of the people of India. Sanskrit is a family of Hindu and Persian and Arian languages. The closest language is Ancient Persian language and Avestan language. Rig Veda is the oldest text that remains of Sanskrit. Vimana is the Sanskrit word for temples, palaces, and flying machines that have been named in the Sanskrit epic writings.

The Wimanaha is the name of a Sanskrit text dating back to 1500-1200 BC about the science of aviation and the construction of the Vimanha, even claiming that they were controlling and moving with the mind. What science today has somehow achieved after much effort. That is, controlling things with the power of the mind The important thing about Vimana is its technology. This mysterious plane has long been a famous mythological flying machine in ancient Sanskrit epics. Before the last dismantling of land allegedly caused by weapons similar to ………. today.

In the "Bagawata Purana", which is the old Sanskrit history, there is a description of a spaceship, the pilot of which is called Sholva. As described, this ship was made of iron. It is said that sometimes it appears in two places at the same time. It is also described in the description that it has a motion similar to a butterfly, and this description is fully consistent with what people today have in their observations of the UFO.

In other Sanskrit texts, such as Mahabharata, Rig Veda and Rimaana, there is also a description of the size of the "Vimana", which is 100 feet long, often equipped with modern aircraft capabilities. A "vimana" creates a ray of light, and destroys target , when it focuses on the target. According to these texts, the Vimans are divided into two categories: the first group is flying machines that flying with wings like Birds, and the second group is the mysterious flying machines that humans build They did not have a role In December 2012, presidents of several European countries had a sudden visit from Afghanistan. Perhaps the reason for this can be found in a Russian report.

This report was directly related to the discovery of US Army scientists. The discovery of a strange object found in a cave in Afghanistan, and what was suspected was that eight soldiers trying to move from the cave disappeared,   This strange object was the same as the lost Wiman that was spoken in old books. Scientists estimate that it was hiding in the cave 5000 years ago. According to the ancient texts of the Mahabharat found in the Sassanicist epic, it is said that the Vimana has a 12-cubic (1) perimeter with a large and sturdy four wheel drive. It is said that;   For the first time Albert Einstein expressed the theory of electromagnetic radiation gravity field theory called Integrated Field Theory   And then the rumor that caused the scandal in data transfer, which was called the Philadelphia experiment in 1943, suddenly disappeared American soldiers, as in Afghanistan.

The Mahabharata also includes numerous legends about the powerful force of the mysterious weapon. Archaeological discoveries dating back to the 1900's near the Indian city of Mohenjuduru have shown that the ruins of an ancient city are very large. Archaeologists were very surprised by their findings.   Because the analysis of the disaster in the city was very unexpected.   While there was not much time left for the last theory of bloom.   They said the ancient city was destroyed by nuclear explosions. They found large cores of clay and green glass. Archaeologists believe that the high-temperature clay is melted with sand and then have being cold and hard

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The latest analysis showed that parts of the ancient city was melted at high temperatures. The researchers also found the centerpiece of the incident. Where all the houses were flat. The most interesting thing about this report was that, according to the ancient writings of the cave, it is evident that the true owner of Wimana is the ancient Prophet of Zoroaster, who is the founder of one of the most important religions of times known as Zoroastrianism.

The Daily Star was released on 8th November 2018 with the release of a video of a similar flying object of the Nazi Time Machine, and said that after 70 years, its advanced and secret Nazi technology was still evident. Technology that resembles a viaman. Has Hitler been able to achieve Vimana technology?

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