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The lies you have heard so far

We live in a world that distinguishes truth from falsehood is very difficult. In fact, sometimes there is so much hoax news that the truth is lost among them. So far, we have encountered such iss....

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Nazca Mysterious Lines

Nazca mysterious lines in Peru are a complex subject that has preoccupied researchers and archaeologists for decades. Nazca lines theories include significant ones such as ancient astronauts and the ....

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Meeting With Extraterrestrials

The official meeting with extraterrestrials, which took place in 1954, is the main topic of this article. In this article, in addition to reviewing this meeting, we will take a look at the events afte....


Most important events of space Aliens in 2019

Definitely from 1947 - When an alien spacecraft apparently crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, we all seen news of flying saucers all years long, but 2019 was one of the greatest years in terms of UFO sig....


UFO discovered at coal mine in russia

Russian government media claim mysterious UFO-like object discovered at coal mine in Belovo, Kemerovo region in Russia....


A message from aliens in live TV

Did you know that historians, religious scholars and most famous people in the world of science did not sleep at night? One of them did the night to hear the sound of the heavens until morning, and ....