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Decoding the greatest mystery of history

Have you ever wondered why it says on American one dollar "In God we trust " and below it is written “one”. And on the left you can see the Great Pyramid of Khufu. in fact, the answer seems very e....

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Sleeping on these four nights will hurt your body

There are four major nights of the year when changes occur on Earth, and being aware of these changes and making good use of this opportunity will help you in particular to reach a higher level of con....

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Reincarnation - The mystery of Mithra

An important mystery of the universe and the nature of human existence was written and given to 12 people named the sons of Mithra to teach others. But because man was imprisoned in the body, could no....

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Reality behind the story of Noah and the great flood

From years ago, scholars believe that the story of the ark of Noah"s ark - mentioned in the scriptures - stems from an older story that existed centuries ago in ancient Babylon. All of these scholars ....

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Scan revealed the secret of the Egyptians mummy

A scan revealed the secret of the mummy coffin from 600 BC. At first, archaeologists thought the mummy inside the casket was a fetus that was about 18 weeks gestation.....

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New discovery from the lost underwater city in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said: Egyptian and European archaeologists recently found the remains of a large temple and a number of ships and treasures; Like coins and jewelry.....