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What you do not know about the nature of human beings and the world and they do not want you to know

Just a few days ago, scientists announced the discovery of the reason for the disappearance of the human tail. About 25 million years ago due to a genetic mutation. In fact, Darwin was the first to discover the signs of a missing human tail in the anatomy. However, Darwin's theory of evolution, despite the strong evidence he had, remained only one theory. But if in his time science had reached the knowledge it has today of the constituent elements of man, Darwin's name would have been immortalised otherwise. Science says that genetic mutations can be caused by copying errors in cell division and proliferation. It may also be caused by viruses or exposure to radiation (such as sunlight). In fact, all three are mysterious, especially cell errors. Why? Well, let's take a closer look at everything from the beginning once and for all.

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