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Whoever you are and wherever you live in the world, take part in the Kandlus contest and win a trip to Georgia in March 2022. This award is given to the first 3 people, which includes a plane ticket, Stay 3 nights at Radisson Hotel Tbilisi, free breakfast and one night dinner with Kandlus' team. To participate in the competition. First, register on the Kandlus.net. Then wait for the quiz question. This question could be about one of the Kandlus' videos uploaded to the website or an enigmatic animation. From the time the video is uploaded, you have 60 minutes to write the correct answer in the comments section. Each question has 60 points, which depends on the duration of your correct answer from the time the video was uploaded. For example, if you give the correct answer 10 minutes after uploading the video, your score will be 50. The uploading time of each video will be announced 3 days earlier. You can see the first 3 people and your score on the main page of the website. Note that you must be logged in when posting a comment. If you are logged in, you can see your username in the comments form. And the competition is held twice a month!. After 6 months, the 3 people with the highest score will win the prize. Comments will not be displayed during the contest. Click if you have not registered yet: SIGN UP NOW

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