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Recipe 1 to support 2th chakra (third Eye): Vegan stuffed eggplant


Stuffed eggplant as a purple food including vegetables and proteins.

What do you need to cook 4 stuffed eggplants?

- Medium purple eggplant: 4
- Crushed garlic: 2
- Quinoa: 1 cup
- Mushroom: 1/2 cup
- Tomato: 1 large size
- Salad tomato: 4
- Onion: 1 medium size
- Black olive: 3/4 cup
- Basil: 3/4 cup
- Tomato sauce: 1/2 cup (Salt, pepper, olive oil for seasoning)

How to cook?

- Cut the eggplants from the middle to two sides and remove the inside
- Fry the onion and garlic in olive oil with seasonings until they turn gold brown
- Add mushrooms and leave them to be cooked for 5 mints
- Then add basil and tomato sauce and leave all the mix to get cooked for 20 mints
- Cook the quinoa separately in the boiled water then add to the fried vegetables
- Fill inside the eggplants with the mixed ingredients
- Place the eggplants on the oven pan and leave them in the oven for 15 mints in 350 degrees Fahrenheit
- After 15 mints, dress top of the eggplants with black olives, basil and chopped salad tomatoes and leave the eggplants in the oven for more 10 mints.

You can serve the stuffed eggplant with yogurt.

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