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The Providence Eye- Freemasonry Secrets


In the previous article, You have read the hidden secrets in the symbols. And you must have noticed that most of these symbols referred to the number 666, pyramid and the Eye of Providence. But what can these hidden symbols mean? And where to find the answer to this question? In this article we will explore this issue

In the previous article, You have read the hidden secrets in the symbols. And you must have noticed that most of these symbols referred to the number 666, pyramid and the Eye of Providence. But what can these hidden symbols mean? And where to find the answer to this question?

In the cartoon Yuppy ducks, made by Walt Disney Company, Scrooge has gone to an ophthalmologist. In the corner of the office is a table of ophthalmic words hung. But there is a hidden message in this table. It was written: Ask about Illuminati and change to ask a Illuminati after couple minute. So, Let's research them. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Illuminati are people who claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something. At first we should know that, illuminati employs its members through Freemasonry lodges. And most of their symbols are same.

One of their most famous symbols is the Providence Eye, which is inside a triangle or pyramid. You may have seen the symbol on the US 1$ or the Ukrainian hryvnia. It seems that this symbol has nothing to do with intellectualism? This symbol is known as Masonry Providence eye. But some claim that it is the devil's eye that has ruled the world. Or some claim that it mean that Satan will appear on the last day and he has one eye. But let's get a little more rational.

Let's go back a bit and review the history. Undoubtedly, you have seen this symbols many times in the inscriptions and the ancient remains. And you must have heard that there are many secrets behind them. Such as the story of human creation, human evolution and so on. Nowadays you can see it in places like on the Pop's cane or in the Vatican city. This is nothing but poplar. Now consider what Albert McKay said; Freemasonry is in the full sense, the process of opening the eyes. Undoubtedly you have seen the pineal symbol over and over, from ancient times until now in various places. There is a small gland in the human brain called the pineal gland, which is the same sacred eye of the ancient people and the third eye. But what is this pineal gland? According to the scientists, the conical tissue mass is a small cone of interstitial pineal cells located deep in the brain. The tuber is named for its shape that resembles poplar. This gland is called the third eye. And you should know that science, with all its capabilities and technology, has not yet determined the exact function of this gland. But many scientists, such as René Descartes, believe that the pineal gland is the "main seat of the soul." But why is this gland or third eye important to Freemasons? Famous contemporary writers and painters, known The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland as the "lost secret" of Freemasonry.

As you can see, the third eye was exactly in front of everyone, but it was hidden for two important reasons. First, the best place to hide something from others is reverse behavior. And second, that the eye of providence has been misinterpreted. That is, as long as you think this eye means, this, or even this, You will never know its true meaning.

Dr. George Washington Carey writes in his book"The Wonders of the Human Body Page:114": "The eye of Providence ... This is the Freemasonry eye, the third eye. A famous American writer, Mark Twain, wrote in 1899 that, The eye of the Providence is not the symbol of the heavenly God or the "old man on the stairs" but a talent that every human being can exploit. "The eyes see only the outside of things and judges on the same basis, but the eye of providence (or the third eye) penetrates the interior and sees the heart and soul. Notice what Plato said: In every person there is a soul eye that is worth more than thousands of physical eyes to see the truth. "But the soul's eye alone is coordinated for revival and is regulated by mathematical laws." This statement of Plato reminded me of the words of Nikola Tesla. According to the Nikola Tesla, if you know the magical value of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 you will have the key to the universe.

In the next post, we will peruse these numbers with high precisely.

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