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Second Mona Lisa discovered

A painting hanging above a fireplace in a house in London since 1960. This painting is not only drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, but also a previous version of the world-famous portrait.....


Advanced ancient technologies

In ancient times much of the knowledge, experience and skill was usually passed on to the student through the master. If, for whatever reason, this relationship breaks down and the chain between maste....


Leonardo Da vinci, The secrets of the Adoration of the Magi

Researchers have been researched on the Adoration of magi painting for 4 years. after 4 years they found out that part of the painting is invisible. in this post we take a look in this painting which ....


Briton Wizard Prophecies

Knaresborough in England has some strange stories and legends from the distant past. Stories like the money-making trees or the houses where the witches lived were cursed But in the middle of thi....


Why and how the Eiffel Tower was built

There are many places in the world that we are familiar with but do not know much about them. For example, do you know that there is a cellar below the French town of 300 square meters full of skeleto....


Mystery of the Third Temple

Someone on a mountain in France meets those who came from sky. They call themselves the creators of the earth and human beings and give the mission a message for humans. According to them, the third t....


Do you know why the hotels don t have the room 420?

Many people have gone to hotels to stay or work or to celebrate marriage,   But have you ever tried to book Room 420 in any hotel in the world? If you want, you usually can t. Do you know why?....


The story of the man who sold the Eiffel Tower twice

In the 1925, Victor Lustig invited four French great iron merchants to a private meeting at the Hôtel de Crillon.   The hotel was well known for its diplomatic and important appointments.   In fa....