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A way to align the chakras

If you feel you are silent but can not find the reason, you should think about aligning your chakras. There are seven chakras or seven spiritual centers in our body that relate to our emotions and act....

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What you need to eat if you want to have a balanced body?

There are seven chakras or seven spiritual centers in our body which are in related to our emotions and functions. Alignment of the chakras in a healthy way will help to balance our energy and optimi....


Why do people walk clockwise around holy places or objects

Have you ever wondered why in most of the known religions and cultures people move around holy places or objects? This article introduces you to the main reason for circumambulate the temples and ho....


Do we live in the Matrix?

Believe it or not, our world is very similar to the digital world of computers. So similar that many scientists think there is a 50% chance that we now live in a simulated world. And of course scienti....

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Third Eye, Everything you need to know about the third eye

How to see with the third eye? But what can you see? A different vision of a different dimension. This is what will happen when you open your third eye. If you are one of those people who are loo....